Candy Table Ideas for a Sweet and Festive Event

August 19, 2022 By Wellington Off

It’s that time of year again – the month of December! And what does that mean? Lots and lots of candy! But before you go all out and stock up on candy bars and chocolate eggs, why not make your candy table a little more special? Here are some ideas for decorating your candy table to make it as sweet as possible:

What Should Go on the Candy Table?

No matter what the occasion, a candy table is the perfect way to sweeten up the atmosphere. Whether it’s your child’s birthday party or a holiday celebration, make sure to decorate the table with festive candy. You can choose nontraditional candies like hard candy necklaces or chocolate coins. Or, go all out and include fun and playful treats like gummy bears in different colors or amusement park-themed chocolates. End the night with something special like dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting or sugar-free pumpkin pie!

Decorations for a Candy Table

When it comes to candy table decor, there’s no wrong way to go. In fact, you can create a truly unique event by incorporating candy table decorations that reflect your personal style. One great way to do this is by serving a centerpiece made of fresh fruit or candied flowers instead of boring chocolates or sweets.

This way, your guests can enjoy a sweet and festive experience from start to finish. Then, set out bowls of different shaped candy for them to grab as they please. Finally, use brightly colored candy to add a touch of festivity to your event. Happy candy table-ing!

Glasses ornaments

Looking for a sweet and festive decoration? Why not try glass ornaments! These miniature candy sculptures make an excellent centrepiece for any event – from birthday parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations. You can use them to create a themed dessert table, or even diplay them as part of your Christmas decor.

Alternatively, you could make chocolate or gumdrop glass ornaments using any type of candy that you like – chocolates, gummy bears etcetera. They are also perfect as party favors! When it comes to making something special out of candy (or anything else really), glass is the best material to work with. It has a delicate and pretty look that will definitely impress guests!

Table runners

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your candy table, table runners are the perfect solution. They come in many different patterns and designs, can be used in any setting, and add an extra touch of class to any buffet. Plus, they’re versatile – so you can use them multiple times without having to purchase new ones each time!

Customized candy wrappers

Having candy wrappers made especially for your event is the perfect way to show your guests that you have taken care of everything. Not only will they be impressed, but everyone will love getting their candy in special packaging that matches the fun and exciting atmosphere of the party!

There are so many different designs and ideas available on online stores – choose something that reflects the theme of your party perfectly. You can also add pictures or quotes to make it even more personalised. Once you’ve chosen all the details, it’s time to get started on making those candy wrappers look amazing! Be sure to follow instructions carefully so that everything turns out just as planned.


It’s that time of year again! The candy table is the perfect place to show off your candy buffet skills and bring in the Christmas cheer. In this blog, we’ve listed some ideas for decorating your candy table that will make it look and feel like a festive wonderland. So, whether you’re planning a small get-together with friends or hosting a massive candy buffet for your family and friends, make sure to check out our blog for some amazing ideas!